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Stillery – $16/month KVM 4G/RAM 2TB/BW in Los Angeles QuickPacket


Stillery is an American private VPS mainframe, using KVM as Virtual technology, data center is the Los Angeles QuickPacket room, the bandwidth of 1Gbps uplink, the hard disk for the ssd+raid10 all solid plus array form.  Apart of the CPU is exclusive, merchant TOS is clear about the payment and refund guarantee. Continue reading

Virmach – $22.5/year 1GB/RAM 15G/SSD 1TB KVM VPS in Seattle


Virmach was founded in 2014, a overseas VPS hosting provider, has been providing cheap OpenVZ and KVM architecture of  yearly products , server location including the Seattle, Los Angeles , Phoenix, Chicago, New York , Seattle and Dallas. The shelves of Seattle data center products although the promotional efforts as before, but is still a very cheap VPS host. Continue reading