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Vultr new user receive $25 free credit, Valid for 1 year

The foreign VPS hosting company Vultr has released a new recharging and giving event. Newly registered users can receive $25 for a $5 recharge, and the gifted fees are valid for one year. Vultr is a foreign VPS hosting company established in 2014. It provides KVM-based products , The minimum monthly payment is from US$2.5. Data centers include Japan, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France and so on. Continue reading

Vultr – $5/month 768MB/RAM 15GB/SSD KVM VPS in multiple locations


Vultr is a very good cloud-like VPS hosting, Its parent company is Choopa. Its main virtualization technology is KVM and all their node servers are using SSD. The same as DigitalOcean. In fact, many says Vultr is just a copy of DigitalOcean by different company. Continue reading