Vultr Announces Reduced Bandwidth Pricing, 2 TB of Free Monthly Egress

Vultr hese changes will make high performance cloud computing even more accessible and affordable for users around the world. Effective January 1, 2023, Vultr will provide simple, consistent global bandwidth pricing across all of its 27 cloud data center locations. Here are the highlights:

  • Every Vultr customer will now receive two terabytes (2 TB) of free outbound data transfer every month, in addition to the transfer included with each subscription.
  • Data ingress will now be free.
  • All customers will receive global account-level pooling of transfer across all instances and locations.
  • Vultr will now offer a reduced, single worldwide egress overage rate of only $0.01 per GB.

Consistent with Vultr’s existing published policy, all bandwidth allocations will accrue hourly over the course of each month.

Vultr New user can get  $100,  visit


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