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QCHOST – OpenVZ $2.99/month 256MB 20G 500Mbps/Unlimited in France, Canada


QuickClickHosting is a British Hosting company, that vps use  OpenVZ virtual, data center including Canada and France. All VPS are unlimited bandwidth, limited traffic, France is 250Mbps, Canada 500Mbps. The official claimed to provide DDoS protection grade of 480Gbps, the actual capacity is unknown, but OVH anti d really cattle. Continue reading

IntenseVPS – $5/month 768MB/RAM 25GB Windows KVM VPS in Netherlands


Alex from IntenseVPS,  share us with their first offer. These vps are hosted in Netherlands, France, and Canada. Two of those are OVH, NL is Serverius. IntenseVPS is not a registered company.

IntenseVPS have utilized KVM virtualization technology to guarantee that you are able to use the CPU, ram and disk that you pay for. Continue reading