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PieLayer – $15/year OpenVZ 512MB/RAM 100G/HD 800G/1Gbps in New York


PieLayer, the predecessor is NerdyVPS, probably began in 2010, mainly to provide based on OpenVZ and KVM virtual infrastructure VPS goods. PieLayer data center including Los Angeles, New York, Europe and Germany, no w they share the two products, respectively is OpenVZ in New York, and KVM German data center. Continue reading

Vultr – $5/month 768MB/RAM 15GB/SSD KVM VPS in multiple locations


Vultr is a very good cloud-like VPS hosting, Its parent company is Choopa. Its main virtualization technology is KVM and all their node servers are using SSD. The same as DigitalOcean. In fact, many says Vultr is just a copy of DigitalOcean by different company. Continue reading